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So I was in the store today...
  • Guy waiting to buy water: The sun isn't a star, it's a sun. Everyone knows that you moron.
  • Me: You're the sort of person who needs the recipe for ice, aren't you?
  • Guy: What? Why, is there a trick to it?
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What do you call a pumpkin pie when it’s been made by a stoner?



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What do you call a pumpkin pie when it’s been made by a stoner?

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Okay, but what I really don’t get is this: How hard can it possibly be to simply teach your sons to respect women just the same as men no matter the situation? I learned pretty damn easily. It’s simple, really. Just through a number of conversations in the car with my Dad I learned:

  • Why it’s okay to appreciate a woman’s beauty, but also why their bodies aren’t something to constantly sexualize.
  • That just because it’s another man doesn’t mean I don’t have to hold back my smart ass (which got me in a lot of trouble growing up. I took this one the other way for a bit, and just gave everyone lip.)
  • That the only time to think of a woman sexually is if she’s your wife/girlfriend/partner. (It’s a very easy thing to learn, really, as long as you teach your boys at a young age that unless she’s in a relationship with you she’s off limits to you in every way. I realize some people won’t agree with that, but it’s my moral compass.)
  • Basically just teach your boys to see girls the same way as boys. Thanks to my Dad bringing me up the way he did, I don’t look at a woman any differently than a man at first impressions. I decide if I like them or not the same way as I would a man, and if they’re assholes to me when I’ve done nothing wrong, they get my smart ass just the same as a man would.
  • Finally, that you don’t get, nor do you deserve a reward for treating a woman as equal. You don’t get rewarded for doing something you’re supposed to do anyways, but you should get punished for falling below those standards.

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A Horror Story from Tickles:

In the dark of his bedroom, Tony sits alone reflecting on the events of the month prior. That…thing scratched his arm. He’s tried everything he can to get rid of the curse before it takes him completely. He has one night until the next full moon. But then again, these things weren’t like werewolves…they turned the night before the full moon. He walks outside, his hood pulled over his head. He frowns, knowing what he’ll soon become.

He feels a twinge of pain as his transformation begins. A bad scarf, an ‘ironic’ tee-shirt, a bad cup of coffee from a local business that thrives on these things. As his transformation finishes he gives one single call into the night.

"I turned before it was cool."

He’s become…the werehipster.

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I was going to make a gay pun…

and I decided not to, what the fuck do you want?

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Posted 2 weeks ago

I'm doing another movie theory. There are 5000 of you dudes.

Well, almost 5000 anyhow. Let me know what movie(s) you think I should do, and we’ll see which one’s make the list.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

The life of a Single Martial Artist
  • -Door springs open-
  • -Brother and I spring into action, ready with blades-
  • -Frikkin' cat opened the door-
  • -small realization-
  • Brother: What's with that look?
  • Me: I just realized...
  • Brother: Yeah?
  • Me: You're here to cover your girlfriend's ass if she gets' in trouble. Dad's here for Mom...
  • Brother: Yeah, and?
  • Me: Well, all I've gotta worry about is me 'n muh dick. Those two things make it out okay, I'm fine with life.
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